Friday, March 11, 2011

Alumni Affairs

Clark University, my alma mater, has appointed a new president. Part of the first-year president’s job must be to travel the world and meet the alumni scattered across the globe because he’s coming here tonight. There’s gonna be a banquet and some mingling which should be nice. Actually Clark has held functions here before. About a year and a half ago one of my old professors came to give a lecture on the future of China and I got a chance to meet the Clark alums in the BKK area. I was excited to go then thinking I might meet someone I recognized from my time in Worcester but I was mistaken. I must’ve been the only one who graduated after 2000 and was for sure the only farang. This time, knowing what I know now, I’m gonna see if I can rub shoulders with some of my fellow alums and see if there's any job opportunities cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching. It’s fun and rewarding it’s just not something I want to do forever. So we’ll see what’s what tonight and if there’re any opportunities out there for me. I’m going straight there from work so I’m gonna have to wear my nice pants all day. No problem. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Much love

ps Clark University was able to reach me through the mail which means that there’s no conspiracy to withhold my mail as I previously assumed. If anyone out there sent anything my way earlier, I’m very sorry but it didn’t make it. Thanks so much for the consideration! xoxo