Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Look Back

As 2008 came to a close I began thinking more and more about it and how good it was to me. I tried to think of all the things that made it so special and was simply overwhelmed by just how many there were. So here's a quick list of some of the things that made 2008 so good, so good. And keep in mind that this list is far from exhaustive. I'll probably end up forgetting some of the bigger things that gave me the idea for this list in the first place. Well, here it goes..

I guess we could start the list by saying 2008 started the same time as my second semester of senior year. There really isn't a need to elaborate on that sentence at all but I'll outline some of the more righteous singular events. The first one that comes to mind is February's blue ribbon performance of 'Seven Car Pileup' which was without a doubt the funnest hundred bucks we ever made (not just the actual performance but all the preparation too). The St. Patrick's party was another event that was great equally for the preparation (balloons!) as well as the fulfillment.As graduation day got closer and closer the smaller things got more and more meaningful. Knowing that I would be soon saying goodbye to such great friends made all the time we spent together that much more important. Even hanging out. Especially hanging out. There's no way to measure the number of hours spent laughing at late-night youtube videos, Captain N episodes, or just the absurdity of things at 38 Florence.

The handing in of my last paper was immediately followed by a wacky road trip to PA that was great for the reasons listed above as well as the fact that I had just handed in my last paper(!). Graduation was awesome. The dinner the night before in Groton and then the dinner with Mum, Steve, and Maegan during Celts/Cavs game 7 are probably the best back-to-back dinners I've ever had (considering company, cuisine, and circumstance).

Then Spring became the Summer. I had already declared it to be my greatest summer sometime around Labor Day but I'll see if I can pick out some of the events that made it so. I'd have to point to working with Roger as one of the huge factors in making summer '08 so fun. Nights and weekends can always be great, but having a good time while working is unbeatable. The summer had the mainstays that are guaranteed fun like the trip to Keoka, and the Knut the Reaper Festival. BW was, as it is every year, the best one ever with events like the the raising of the tree and the fireworks display. Aside from those, this summer also had the Beijing Games which led to an unprecedented number of amazing contests as well as wild shouting in living rooms from Chatham to JP. It also held the marriage of Spencer and Amy which was an experience that felt so weird (friends getting married) and at the same time so right (come on, it's spencer and amy). All these things against a backdrop of frequent trips to 'the island' as well as beach days that turned into wing nights.

The final month before my departure might've been my favorite part. The birth of my beautiful niece, the trip to Fenway, and the get-togethers with friends and family that were simply some of the best times ever.

The rest, as you've read, has been tremendous. The trips to Angkor Wat and Laos were just cherries on top of this incredible journey sundae. The entirety of moving away to a foreign land, starting a job, and making new friends and memories is such an unbelievable end to this year, even for me! As I've said, these things are just some of the highlights of 2008, and it's hard to fully explain the little things in between that made this year so great. 2008 was, without a shadow of a doubt,my favorite year.

I apologize for taking so long in between posts and I'm also sorry if this came across as very corny. I would just like to send a big thank you to everyone who was a part of my 2008. You made it great.

much love,


Jason Cook said...

Count it brother. I think I speak for everyone who reads this when I say we all miss you.

yatpay said...

About the little moments in the last semester.. this is one of the favorite pictures I took at Clark:

Brandon The Unqualified Critic said...

When you come back to USA NUMBAH 1, we're going to have to have a party with an absurd amount of balloons. I'm thinking about seriously dropping fifty bucks on balloons.

Ashley said...

um excuse me. my outrageous graduation party?! miss you.