Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Visitors

Well another month has come and gone. It seems really weird but I feel like time is really flying. It might be because I'm regularly writing the date on papers and stuff for really the first time, but it also might be because I constantly have things to look forward to. There's almost always been something on the horizon that sorta draws my attention and the biggest ones are coming up! First of all, this weekend is seeing a huge influx of guests. A perfect storm. I've known for a while that Ryan's friends from home are visiting but in addition to them we also have some of Tricia's friends coming, LanguageCorps friends from Vietnam are making a surprise visit, and Margy and Justin are making their triumphant return from Lao/Cambodia. Crazy! And the best part is that once their here, most of us are heading south for a little vacation. Ryan and his friends have been planning this since last year (why I knew they were coming) and Margy, Justin, and I got wrapped up into it. I'm only going for a couple days down to Koh Phangan then it's back up here to work. Ryan is taking a much longer vacation with his friends and disappearing up north. It'll be good to get some nice swimming in since it has recently gotten hot and gross here. I was really excited when it rained the other day(first time since November?)but all it seemed to do was make everything ultra humid. After all that it's just a few short weeks before Song Kran(!) I'll fill you in on our plans for that later since they aren't 100% just yet.

Thai culture note: Picking your nose. There's no need to be discreet. I might've posted about this earlier but I just saw it so many times the past couple days that it made me laugh. I don't think I need to get into detail about this, let's just say they're up there, and they don't care who's watching.

That's kinda it for now. I'll be sure to post about my island getaway if I don't find something interesting to write about before.


ps Spring training updates?

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