Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Return!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the trimphant return of JamesAbroad! After much scrimping and saving I found a quality computer that can do everything I really require. That is to say it connnects to the internet, plays music, and runs dvd's. I won't get into all the specs (sorry jp) mostly because I don't know them all, but it's a Toshiba L310 with a pentium dual-core cpu. If you want to know more I can find it out for you. One of the coolest things about it is that it came with a webcam built in! This means I will be able to add a video component to the blog and include things like a virtual tour of my apartment as well as other updates that really require a visual aide.

I got the new computer at an electronics mall called Panthip Plaza. It's pretty cool and has just about everything you'd want, electronically speaking. Tons of knock-off ipods and pirated music as well as several legitimate stores. Since my new computer had no music, I went to a booth to load up on some tunes to get me off the ground. Instead of buying some music cd's, I bought cd's of raw data which had like 10 times as many songs on them. I'm not advocating music piracy here but it is pretty cool to buy a cd with 10 Doors albums on it for 100฿ (~$3). When you buy them, the guy has to leave for like 10 minutes to go get it from his car or wherever they store them. It's pretty silly. You also have to be careful about it not working. All my music worked great but before I went and bought te second season of "The Wire" (a very, very righteous show) only to find that disc 5 only half worked and disc 2 was actually a copy of "In The Name Of The King" with Jason Statham which was kind of a let down.

This time when I went, they had a booth on the ground floor that was selling a pc adapter for Guitar Hero which I was very excited about. I hadn't played since the summer and even then only sparcely. I won't lie..I was pretty rusty, but I was able to shake off the cobwebs and truly perform for a couple songs. I legitimately had a crowd around me watching (applauding?) which was cool but at the same time kinda weird. One more thing about my new computer is that it can write in Thai!


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yatpay said...

Hooray! You're finally back! You should go through the last few pages on my blog because I've been posting stuff for you!

Haha, that's alright, I don't need specs as long as the damn thing works! Do you think it can run TF2?

Leave it to you to be a virtual rockstar in Thailand