Friday, October 21, 2011

The Flood

It looks bad. The flood has made its devistating march from up north and is now knocking on Bangkok's door. I'm not sure what the papers back home have been saying but as we go to print it's just now reached the city limits. So far the flood has really put a hurtin' on the areas to the north, notably Ayuttaha, but I don't think it's any match for the prevention systems in place to protect the city of angels. Things will get wet and some people who've evacuated will be glad they did, but I don't think the damage will be anywhere near what the footage of other areas has shown. Anyone particularly worried about me shouldn't be. I'm in a part of Bangkok that looks to be the safest and dryest should things go awry. Also my room is on the 8th floor. The only real probs this flood has caused so far are just minor inconveniences. I spent the past few days in Hua Hin (nice vacation destination about 2 hours south) and the traffic coming back in last night was dreadful. My friend can't leave his parking garage because scared motorists have driven all their cars up as high as they can and blocked everything in. The paper today said people have just been abandoning their cars on top of expressways and overpasses to keep them safe (obviously causing huge traffic problems in the process). Although this part of town is the safest, shops and houses are still putting up sandbags everywhere. Even I Can Read got in on the act. Tomorrow I have my first Saturday off in the city since last year so I plan to head out and take some pictures around town. I hear that if anything's gonna happen, it'll be tomorrow so I'll put those up as soon as I get back but until then here's some pictures of Thai folks taking the flood in stride. This is a horrible natural disaster but that's no reason to take yourself too seriously.

Much Love

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