Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here We Go Again

I'm sure you remember the big protests the PAD(yellow shirts) had late last year. Where they took over the airport and forced the a change in PM's. It was big news. Well now the opposing faction, the PPP (red shirts), has started some protests of their own. It's starting to gain attention but let me just say now that there's nothing to worry about. Much the same way the earlier protests had no real impact on my life, these too have yet to bother me. I'll keep you updated on any major developments.

Friday is my last day of work before the big Songkran break and I'll be heading up north to Chiang Mai for the festivities. Songkran is a dangerous holiday but only if you're a fool. Rest assured that I've read up on my safety tips and I certainly won't be riding a motorbike anywhere.

The north is seen as the heavier PPP area, much the way some see the Midwest in the US as more GOP. I'm eager to see if the the ongoing political unrest and the Thai new year celebration mix in some way this weekend. Should make for an interesting trip!

So in conclusion, don't worry. I'll be fine. Thanks for the concern though!

one love,

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yatpay said...

It seems like every time there is a group of people kind of rebelling against a government it doesn't affect 99% of the normal citizens so I'm not all that surprised that it hasn't bothered you.

Why is Songkran dangerous?