Saturday, April 4, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

Since I'd been so busy at work I'd originally planned to sit down and type up my blogs at home in Microsoft Word and then just copy+paste when I got to work like JP suggested, but my time at home as been pretty busy too! Margy and Justin made their final appearance in Bangkok earlier this week so I'd been spending my time with them rather than typing alone. It was great to have them back again even though we spent most of our time hanging around. The rain has returned and has made it difficult to really plan to do anything outside. The plus side is that there's been some righteous thunderstorms. One of the corridors in our building is open-air on one side and has a great panoramic view of the West. (The sunsets are wicked. The actual sun is usually behind a forest of skyscrapers but there's a flat expanse south of it that really lights up with some cool clouds.) Anyway, this is the perfect place to watch a lightning storm cruise through, especially one with so much activity like the ones we've been getting.

In addition to Justin and Margy, we also picked up another new roommate. Ryan's friend from home has recently finished the Languagecorps Thailand program and has moved in with us. He's pretty cool and we're looking into a three bedroom place for when our lease runs out(May) And then on top of that, we also have old Languagecorps friends who've been in Vietnam coming to visit tonight! I was worried that maybe this chain of guests would slow down eventually but it seems to be picking up steam. It's even gotten to the point where I've unfortunately had to turn some guests away! (Sorry again:) Hopefully we'll have more room when we switch places but the house-hunting story will have to be for another time.

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yatpay said...

Oooo, I'm jealous of the thunderstorms. I looove a good thunderstorm. We've already had a few here in Philly and it was the best. You should get some pictures from that corridor you're talking about!