Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let it shine

It's rainy season. I get it. But usually it rains for an hour or two then lets up, leaving a clear blue sky above. That hasn't been the case as of late. It has been rainy for the past three days. Sometimes a downpour, sometimes just a drizzle, sometimes that cloudy, overcast, about-to-rain atmosphere, but always rainy. I've talked to people who have been here a while and they said it's never lasted this long before. The good news is that I'm keeping busy with work and have been occupied for most of it. A lot of the teachers are going on short little vacations now so there's plenty of fill-in work. The other good news is that this morning it finally stopped! I'm sure it will rain again today or tomorrow, but for now it's nice to have a blue sky and chirping birds. I'm off to celebrate with some pizza and some lounging by the pool.

much love

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