Monday, October 25, 2010

New Arrival

A few days ago a new visitor came to the land of smiles. I had met him in March '09 when he and two others came here to visit Ryan and do some traveling. Well now he's moved here for real to start teaching English and I've been helping him get situated. It's great having him here for a couple reasons. The first is obviously that it's nice to have someone else my age to hang out with. Especially since both Fern and Tara will be leaving the country within the month. The second is that he's given me a new appreciation for the small things here. As we've been walking around the city, getting him oriented, he constantly remarks on how great something is or how much he loves some aspect of life here. Things that I, somehow, stopped noticing after a while. It's great to be reminded that I live in such a cool place.

I start work full-time in November so I've been trying to take advantage of my time off before I lose it. I'm thinking of maybe a quick trip down to Koh Samet or something. Just a little pre-work vacation. We'll see. I also picked up a bit of a cold. Quite a feat since it's been 90 or higher the past three days. I'm gonna blame the air-conditioning in 7/11. Anyway, i'm getting plenty of vitamin C and it should be gone in no time. Nothing to worry about.

much love

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