Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nam Tuam

Sorry for the cliffhanger, gang, but when I went up to the north of the city I didn't get any great flood pics. I didn't even get any bland flood pics. No pics at all. Now to be honest, I went up there to check out the Jatujak weekend market and any gripping photojournalism would have just been an added bonus, but it was like there wasn't a natural disaster right next door. I've learned now that it's important to distinguish between a flash flood and a regular flood. When I heard that the water was breaching the city limits, I figured it would be at my door by dinnertime but that certainly wasn't the case. Make no mistake, it's coming, it's just taking its sweet time. Mother Nature has helped out by giving Bangkok four straight days of beautiful sunshine but a rainstorm last Tuesday night has accelerated the flood's progress. The government has done a great job of totally mismanaging the situation and after weeks of "Don't Worry, Don't Panic" type messages, the PM finally changed her tune yesterday morning and told residents of all areas to brace for flooding. The Chao Praya river that runs through the city is at capacity and they're saying the water will likely surge over the 2.5 meter embankment sometime this weekend if not sooner. Out on the streets, places are busy sandbagging and some are even building cheap concrete walls around their doors (some places actually did this weeks ago). I've done my own bit of flood prep too. I'll be alright. There's nothing to worry about till there's something to worry about and I'll keep you posted if something happens. I did take a couple of pictures around the soi of sandbags and the temporary concrete walls but is having trouble loading them up. I'll hang on to them and put 'em up together with any others I take in the next few days. Keep calm.

Much Love

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Erin likes it hot. said...

What was your flood prep? And also, how normal is this whole flooding thing? You don't seem worried....should I be for you?