Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bangkok bound

Tomorrow morning I'm gonna be moving up to Bangkok. My buddy Ryan and I are splitting a 2-bedroom apartment in the Sathon area which is sort of in the middle and has easy access to most of the city. I'm really excited. I feel like such a bigshot now because it has a pool and a gym and is across from a park. Fan-cy. I'm spending most of my afternoon walking around and taking pictures of Pattaya. There's a lot to dislike about it but even after just 3 weeks I feel like it's home. Sorta like Worcester.

I don't know how long it'll take us to get the wi-fi situation sorted out in the new apartment so this might be the last post for a few days though I'm sure I'll find an internet cafe somewhere as I look for a laundromat, grocery store, or any place else you might search out.

till then,


yatpay said...

So, I'm confused. Did the job you originally went over there for dry up, and now you found another one?

Use your internet downtime to draw a new Boomshakalaka! :D

JamesAbroad said...

I didn't come over here for a specific job, I came over here to get TESOL certified and then find a job.

Mike said...

ahh nice.
My friend Monica is Thai-Australian and originally from Bangkok. She goes and visits occasionally and says she will totally hook you up with her connecitons there/you can hang out when she visits.

it sounds like you have been a busy busy bee, indeed-- getting your certification. i think if you have TESL you are now a more qualified english teacher than I. but I do have a concrete job here for as many as 3 years :)

Anyway i really want to get over there to see you and eat a few authentic pad thais as soon as possible. tickets are cheap and so long as i can crash on your floor, maybe we can pull something together in the not so distant future. im thinking late winter or springtime?

im saving for a car and taking a trip home to america dec 20- jan 2, which complicates perhaps sometime between january-april would be nice for a visit...

PLUS i know youre just beginning to settle, but youre always welcome in Japan. I live in a pretty cool area and you have a free place to crash.

Marianne in Asia said...

Sounds like things are going well, good luck with the job searching in Bangkok! If you ever want to come up north and chill in Nan feel free! I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere, but it's really beautiful and a couple of hours to Chang Rai. About six hours to Chang Mai. Read my blog for more. :)