Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Of all the days!

Well I woke up this morning at around 5:45 to tune into election coverage and see how the polls were doing. Everything seemed to be going as planned but by 7:30 they were only making their usual guarantees with still just <1% of polls reporting. Around this time I dozed off and when I awoke my tv was turned off, as were my lights and AC. I walked down to the street to see just exactly what was going on and someone told me they were doing service to the power lines and there'd be no electricity till 5 that night. whaaa!? On the one day where I actually wanted to watch tv and go on the internet the power is down in almost the whole city. Unbelievable! So I started my day by buying some cereal to use up the milk in my fridge, then I began the long trek off the grid to find an internet cafe that still had juice. It was there and then, at ten past the hour of noon, that I saw Obama was our next president. So good. My buddy Mike just posted about the election in his blog and I have to echo some of the same sentiments. "If I wake up tomorrow and John McCain is my next president, i might break my promise to my mother and never return "home" from Japan. I'm sorry, but it's been 8 years of utter bullshit. If we not only fall victim to, but ACTIVELY SELECT 4 to 8 MORE years of it, then i'm sorry but America can no longer be a representative part of my identity. That's not an America I want to be associated with."

That's why today I'm proud to be from a country that chose hope over politics of fear. One that will hopefully steer itself off the rocks and back into respectable standing in the international community. I see myself as more and more of a world citizen and when people ask me where I'm from it's nice, after these long years, to finally say I'm from the USA with my head a little higher.

Thanks to all who voted.


brittmama said...

I think I can hear the faint chants of the basement residents screaming


ps I was listening to a certain Young Turks yesterday and began to laugh and think about cape cod summer, woo!

yatpay said...

Hey James..