Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wiwa Las Wegas

There's nothing particularly earth-shattering upon which to update, I just figured it had been a while and it seemed like a good time to post a few random observations and experiences. One thing I did do on my last night in Pattaya and cannot believe I forgot to mention is see "Asia's #1 Elvis Impersonator". It was awesome. He, like most all Elvis impersonators, resembled the later Elvis with his iconic sequined suit. He was movin' and shakin' and workin' up a sweat. He mixed in some great non-elvis songs as well including 'proud mary' and 'sweet caroline' which I really got into.

Some Thai behavior is very bizarre. One thing I've experienced is that Thai people have a different view on skin color. Instead of striving for the Western idea of a perfect tan, they try to get as white as possible. Just like fake tanning creams, they market 'whitening creams' and wear long-sleeved shirts to the beach (swim in them too!) Let's just say in all my years in the states I've never seen as many parasols as I do on any given Sunday in Bangkok.

Thailand is in a state of mourning right now. The King's eldest sister died and everybody has been wearing black. Someone told me she actually died like 5 or 6 months ago and they're just now observing it. As some of you know, the Royal family is wholly and unconditionally loved. There are pictures of the King in just about every building and everyone wears yellow (the royal color) on Mondays because the King was born on a Monday. We had to follow the custom and in the quest to become Thai citizens we got a picture of the King for the apartment. It's a black and white one of him jamming on a saxophone. Classic cool.

much love


yatpay said...

Haha, I love that you found a picture of him jamming on a saxophone..

Hey, the quotes page is back up! With voting and everything! I also changed everyone's picture on the side so go check it out!

Got any new ideas for new Boomshakalakas?

Brandon The Unqualified Critic said...

Haha, classic cool indeed. Enjoy your new king, but don't forget your white-trash Freud roots.

Mike said...

yeah! Japanese women are all about whitening too. At the convenience stores you can buy an assortment of whitening, dying and bleaching creams.

We also have the parisols, huge hats long sleeves, and my favorite item, arm gloves that women of all ages wear. They're usually black and look hella gothy. I have been meaning to write an article on it

The students are required to be outside and forbidden from using this stuff, so they are a healthy natural color, but all the women, starting from college age where they have freedom, are extremely pale.

the men dont give a shit and stay darker.

i guess they think WHITE IS PURE

Mike said...

so i was reading that...

"The origins of [thai monarchy], in part, were in the Vietnam war, in which America found King Bhumibol a staunch anti-communist ally.
Recognising his value as an anti-red icon, America pumped propaganda funds into a campaign to put the king’s portrait in every Thai home. Even today, although quick to decry undemocratic moves in other Asian countries, America rarely protests at the arrests of Thais and foreigners for criticising the monarchy. Foreign journalists and academics need visas and access to officialdom to do their jobs, and thus have played down the royal angle to any story."

what do you think?