Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lunch Time

Just a quick post for now. Since I'm using the internet only at work now, I have weird hours of operation. Updates will pretty much rely on when I have time between classes (or in this case, lunch). This is mostly to address the people who've been attempting to Gchat with me since I've left my email open on my computer during class. I would love to talk to you, chances are that you just missed me. Here's the way my schedule shakes out:

Saturday: I come in early (8:30) but I go straight to class and don't have time again till 12:30 when I get lunch. During Saturday lunches I'm typically wolfin' it down and also socializing with the part-time teachers who are here. They're only here Saturday. Sunday's are similar except I get lunch at 12:00 and am by myself so there's plenty of time for internet. That's why I'm able to sneak this in. On both of those days, I have class after lunch till about 3:00 or 4:00 (depending on make-ups)and then a little internet time till I get to go home (5:30ish) - weekdays are different. I have to be in around 12:30 but typically don't have class till around 3 or 4 (kids still in regular school till then). So on those days I'll be using the internet earlier, but actually it's around the same time. In case you're wondering, I'm exactly 12 hours ahead of EST so if you're hoping to catch me actually here, a little after midnight is the best time. Also Monday and Tuesday are my days off where I won't be here and consequently don't have internet. So don;t be coming on Sunday or Monday nights looking for me!

I have a lot to talk about but I don't want to rush it and try to fit it in before class so I'll see if I can find some time after (make-ups!) If not, it'll have to be on Wednesday.

So just so you know, I really appreciate the attempts at live contact. Even seeing little messages is great! I'll keep leaving email open during class and I'll get back to you as soon as I return. (Don't worry, I understand leaving email open is foolish but the people here are great and I'm not concerned at all.)

Happy Valentine's day to all!


Jaye said...

Hi James, it's Mike and Jaye from Townsend!!! Happy Valentine's Day. It is so nice to read about your adventures and your success in teaching. Well just wanted to touch base and make sure you come and visit when you come home. How long are you staying over seas?
Miss you and so does Ashley and Cocoa

yatpay said...

Hey James, you should use your internet-less downtime to write entries in Word and just copy paste it over to blogger when you get a free minute!