Sunday, February 1, 2009


A couple days ago, I received a call at the center where I work. It totally caught me off guard but made sense since we're technically not supposed to have our phones in the classroom and also because I lost my phone a while ago. Anyway, it was Ryan informing of a national soccer match between Thailand and Iran that was being played right in Bangkok! I was super excited. I really want to go to a national game in National Stadium even if it was only a qualifying match against Iran. By the time I'm out my last class, I hear that it's actually in a different venue that's farther away so I rush home to change and then to meet Ryan at our friends' place which is near the stadium. By the time I throw on shorts, battle rush hour foot-traffic to get to the subway, ride to my destination, get lost finding the apartment, regain my bearings, arrive at the wrong building and wait around, the game was already half over. (In my defense there's two apartment buildings named 'chateau' right next to each other). So we settled for watching it in a small, one-table 'restaurant' with the owner. His TV was really small and it had that double-image thing going on. It was great. If I couldn't actually be at the game, I feel like that was the next best thing. Thailand played to a draw which I guess is alright. It was exciting and Thailand was probably lucky to get out with a point. Hopefully they advance and host a big game. I would really love to see one.

In other news, I was gonna post about maintaining radio silence until I could watch a re-broadcast of the Super Bowl, but I stopped in at the pub on the way home from phone shopping to see if they had a February schedule yet and the guy told me they were actually gonna open their doors at 6am tomorrow so I can watch it live. So that rules. It's gonna be way different than in Madrid. The game didn't go on till about 11pm then and the place was packed with Americans. I'm not expecting a ghost town tomorrow, but I really don't feel like it'll get the same turnout.

I'm sorry if you were expecting this post to be about my personal endeavors in exercise. I did buy a basketball and on occasion go down to the little sports park on Sathorn. I'm out of shape as it is, but running for 20 minutes in this air make you feel like you just climbed Everest. I'm also sorry if you were expecting a post about Huey Lewis and the News. Maybe I'll get to that later.

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yatpay said...

Haha, it's weird to think that you're watching this at the same time as us half a world away.

I asked Bryce for a message for you and he said: "Tell him Bryce said 'yesterday's clothes'. ...........No! Tell him 'crowbars up!'"

We also wanted to know if you're seeing it the same way we are or are you seeing it with weird Thailand commercials or dubs.