Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recent Days

Alright, we've got a lot to get to so let's not waste a second! First of all, let me address a couple questions I got about the super bowl. I was able to watch a live feed from (what I assume was) the NFL network, so all the commentary was in English. We also got to see the halftime show which I thought was wildly entertaining. The only Thai I encountered was briefly at half time when they threw it back to the 'local' analysts for "Super Sport Satellite Channel 4 - Thailand!". They two analysts looked pretty surly/bored and the guy in charge of the discussion had one of those ties that tries to fit all the NFL team logos on it. High comedy. It didn't quite match the laughs had over the piercing insight of football "expert" Don Johnson when I was in Madrid, but still pretty good. Especially when the camera first cut to them. It was abruptly in the middle of a rebroadcast of Journey's pre-game concert and I'm pretty sure they were watching it too because they seemed just as surprised as I was. When I say abrupt, I mean like mid note. "Somewhere in the niiiiiiiiiii-" "..uhh..Sawahdee krap". In any event, the game was pretty thrilling and as someone with no real investment in it I was satisfied.

The next morning, I woke up super super early to catch a bus to Cambodia. Why? Apparently I had overstayed my visa and was racking up huge penalties every day I stayed in the country. Ugh. So I boarded a bus at 4am for a quick visa trip. A lot of foreigners have this visa problem and have to leave the country every 90 days. It doesn't say for how long, it just says you have to leave so there are tons of places that organize day trips to the border and back. I went to Cambodia because it was the easiest/quickest option. I would've liked to go to Burma or somewhere that hadn't already stamped my passport but what can you do on such short notice. The bus took us to a casino right on the border. Cambodia is pretty cool. We were discussing how it's a lot like the Wild West. I was tempted to play something but I didn't understand any of the games. I thought one looked like blackjack, but had some different rules. I could see myself sitting down and confidently betting on a 'sure thing', only to lose everything and have to walk away in shame. So I mostly stuck to my book and the free OJ at the buffet.

I gotta go! The last thing I wanted to talk about was how I'm no longer gonna pay for wifi at the apartment and will just use it when I'm at work. Now it's almost 5:30 and everyone's dying to go home but i'm holding them up! It stinks that it's gonna be this way but the wifi is super slow and too expensive. The worst part is that recently I've discovered new ways to keep in touch with people back home and have conversations in real time (facebook and gmail chat) which was very cool. No internet will be good for me too. I'll do a lot more reading and get a lot more done. Well, I really REALLY got to go now so I will.

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