Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Change of Plans 2

So I'm still going to the Railway School (rongrianbaanrodfai) but instad of teaching English, I'm sitting in and helping out their English teachers. I originally thought it was gonna be boring and not fun at all but I'm actually enjoying it. I'm helping Anne, a brit who teaches k-2nd grade, which is neat because I was kinda jealous of the others who got to teach at the kindergarten. I originally thought I'd just be sitting in the back and not really doing anything but I actually get involved when the kids start doing their work and need help. I don't really do much in the kindergarten classes but then again neither do they. Right now they're learning shapes which can hold their attention for a little bit, but everytime they start to get a little restless we all get up and sing a song (head, shoulders, knees, and toes!). The second grade class we have is a different story. They are total monsters. We're supposed to have a Thai teacher in there to help explain directions and to act as an enforcer, but they refuse to sit in. They're alright when they focus and only half of them are real troublemakers (out of eight). One of the ones who's historically bad has actually pulled up a chair and sits next to me. There are two 'good' students who like my help when it's time for the workbook exercises along with the bad one. Luckily we don't have them tomorrow morning. I only say that because poor Anne gets really distraught when they won't listen, and I'm equally as powerless to stop them. It would really help if one of the Thai teachers would just sit in the room but for some reason all the free ones sit in the office during this class. Kinda frustrating.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Not only is it Halloween in (what i'm told) is the only real place in Thailand that actually celebrates it, but on Saturday we travel to Koh Chang which means Elephant Island. You can imagine why.. We don't stay long but there's supposed to have nice beaches which will be a welcome change from Pattaya beach which is pretty gross. That's pretty much all that's really happened. My sleep schedule got all messed up last weekend which cost me some z's at the start of the week and now I feel a little sick. Just a sore throat and my sleep last night showed promising signs of a return to normal so I'm not too worried.

much love,

ps. Apologies for any confusion over last post, the Wall Street Institute is a language school in Bangkok. Don't worry, I'm not gonna become a power broker or anything. I just thought the name was kinda ominous given the world's financial situation.

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yatpay said...

I think you need to teach your loyal students some of the phrases you and Bryce always say...

"Haven't you ever heard of studying.. a-befoh?"

"Dad, we can't go to elephant island, it's all weeiiiird!"