Monday, October 27, 2008

Change of Plans

You could say my teaching at the Railway school has been going great. That's because I haven't taught since that last Tuesday. Classes were easily held last week because the Railway school was still on vacation, and the teachers (my students) had time to come in and learn. Turns our our second week coincides with the first week of their semester so we were told not to come today because our students would be too busy dealing with theirs and their parents. Now we're hearing that we'll no longer be teaching like we were, instead we'll be assisting the Railway school's English teachers in their classrooms. All the lesson planning is now useless and the excitement is evaporating. It's just frustrating because anyone could have seen this impending scheduling conflict and nothing was done. I figured maybe we could teach them at night, which I wouldn't mind at all, and we'd get some more actual teaching practice, but I think a lot of the teachers live far away.

On the plus side though, I may have already snagged a job. Kate recommended me to where she works in Bangkok which was looking to hire. I'm really excited, and I feel like I already have it even though it isn't official. It's a little auspicious to be starting work for the "Wall Street Institute' these days, but I think I'll be fine.

The new Languagecorps recruits arrived on Friday and have already shipped off to Phnom Penh but they got here the same night Josh was leaving for Korea so we all went out to a giant dinner at a place called Cucumber. It was weird to be in Pattaya for a little more than a week and already be talking about it to them like I knew it by heart. They were a pretty cool group and it's neat the way that we're gonna be their contacts when they get back the way Kat and Kate were to us.

and I picked up my suit last night, and it looks really nice. I can't wait to move to a colder climate where I can where it for extended periods of time. At least it'll be great for a first impression on Wall Street!

much love,


yatpay said...

So wait, I'm confused.. would this new Wall Street job be in addition to teaching or replacing it since that wasn't going the way you expected?

JamesAbroad said...

Wall Street Institute is a language school. I just thought its name was silly considering the world's financial situation.