Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 2

Day two was way way easier than the first. The reason was probably because none of my students showed up. They all went to a teaching seminar in another part of the province, so I got to relax and watch Alex teach his group. I kinda thought they wouldn't be there because when I assigned homework the day before they all said so. I wasn't 100% sure if they wouldn't come, or one person would be there, or if they all would show up or what so I still made a nice lesson plan and came up with activities and such. The lesson plan was tough to work on last night though. It's kind of like when a big blizzard is coming and you're almost sure there'll be a snow day, you can't find the drive to sit down and do your homework (except worse because the blizzard told me themself they were gonna cancel school). Thai lessons were also canceled today so I had a pretty breezy afternoon which allowed me to catch up on some much needed sleep.

I dropped off all my laundry at a place down the street the other day and it hasn't even gone through the wash yet, let alone been hung up. There've been heinous thunderstorms every afternoon for 4 days which have impacted the launderette's ability to dry things and they're backed up. I was thinking of going down to the market and getting a clean pair of clothes just to fill the gap between now and when mine dry (I mean I dropped off ALL my laundry at this place. I'm still wearing my work clothes and have been wearing dress shirts and pants after school for the past few days.)

Speaking of work clothes, something weird happened today. For the first time in my life, I used the term 'work belt' and was reffering to the nicer of two belts. It wasn't covered in varnish and bottom paint, it was actually pretty sharp. That goes along with a feeling I had today at the school. That I was really becoming a teacher. As I watched Alex's students dilligently writing down what he was telling them, I realized that my student's were doing the same thing the day before and it gave me a weird sensation. They were genuinely interested in learning and I was having fun teaching them. This sort of tempered my resolve to be a good teacher. Now I wanted to be a great one, the best one. I like looking at the syllabus and trying to figure out ways I can get the information to them in an understandable way that's also fun and provokes interest. It's neat. Railway school is on a short break so I won't be teaching again to Monday which will give me time to revise the lesson plan for today as well as get a head start on the others.

The rain has stopped and I'm gonna head down to the market to see if I can't get some clean clothes. It's the birthday of one of the other guys in the program and I'd like to look and smell nice before we all go out.

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yatpay said...

Yeah, that teacher feeling is pretty cool. I remember when I signed up to teach classes at MIT it was just kind of a fun thing to do, but when everyone was actually interested and actually listening I got really into it. Good times.

Haha, I've suddenly become a Red Sox fan.. they started passing out free Phillies hats down here and they offered one to me... "Never!!"