Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Today was my last day at the railway school which was kinda sad. The 'naughty grade 2' class had a quiz today which they sorta settled down to do. I extracted my buddy from the core group of troublemakers and sat down with him to answer his questions which diffused the horseplay a little. The best part is that once they were all done, they had free time which they used to play games. a couple kids were trying to throw a tennis ball into a trashcan from about 15 feet. I walked over behind the trashcan and put up a scoreboard and they went nuts. Not just kids, but everyone here loves competition. If you're playing hangman as a fun exercise towards the end of class, they'll be a little interested, but if you split them into teams they get really involved. So we ended on a good note and they were genuinely sad to see me go. We also had a first grade class that was the exact opposite. They were little angels and did things like a big (slow) greeting of 'good morning teacher, how are you?' to which we replied we were fine and thanked them for asking. They also did things like politely ask to go the bathroom and then politely ask to re-enter the room. This was the first time I had been in their class and they were all fascinated with my height and loved comparing themselves to me with the ol' hand-on-the-top-of-the-head-then-make-a-line move. It was great.

I'd like to wish everyone a spooktacular halloween! It's no secret that I love this holiday and I'm kinda sad that I'm not around to share it with you guys. We don't really have great costumes yet but there's a big market that's open on Fridays and we're gonna head down and see what we can find. I do, however, expect to see some pictures of your sweet costumes!

I leave for Koh Chang early early tomorrow so I'll have a post about that once I return. I haven't heard from the Wall Street guy in a couple days and am starting to consider looking around elsewhere. I would like to work there but I don't like waiting around in anticipation like this..

Elephants ho!


brittmama said...

Happy Halloween to you too James! I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you, take care!


yatpay said...

Halloween just isn't the same without you, James!

Here, I uploaded this just for you:

deb said...

yo jamesy...what an adventure...big election day tomorrow! can't wait to see you in your custom suit....miss your smile...take care and enjoy!'s dark already...deb